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Dzhemal Akhmedov was born May 28, 1978 in the city of Rustavi southeast Georgia.
Dzhemal  Akhmedov is a realistic painter. He  works in watercolor technique conventional multilayer creating still lifes and lyrical landscapes. This technique allows the artist to reach a wide variety of artistic effects, endless nuances and color contrasts. Fine harmonies of colors, penetration and fusion of pastel colors or, conversely, bright, intense shades fulfill the works of surprising vitality.
The landscapes of Akhmedov is a dialogue with nature. By immersing themselves in the world of colored fluctuations and the exquisite grace of silhouettes, the painter tries to catch the state of nature.
Some works of Akhmedov are decorative and intended to convey the exhilaration and beauty of the surrounding world. In the other range of exquisite and delicate colors of the painter vehicle nostalgia of the bygone era. Akhmedov is also interested in the problem of human interaction with the world around him. In addressing the traditional subject for realistic Russian painting — that of the sequence of seasons and the renewal of nature, it creates landscapes where the indirect presence of man is expressed through artificial objects and signs his life surprised very precisely: it is a kite or vague profiles of the buildings in the background.
Using a complicated watercolor technique with unlimited possibilities of creation of the most varied effects in the work of Akhmedov is seen to embody the real world captured by the unique view inside the painter.
He participated in exhibitions in Moscow, regional and international. His works are in private collections in Russia and Europe. He lives and works in Moscow.

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